The Seek N’ Sneak – an Arduino powered self-controlled robot which is able to run around, find objects, grab them, relocate them and do many other useful and funny things.  We want to share the design and our experience building the Seek N’ Sneak robot with developers all around the world so the Seek N’ Sneak robot in its entirety is released to the public now!

Now you can buy the How to Seek and Sneak e-book including all sketches, manual and ready for laser cutting parts plots and help us make the Seek N’ Sneak robot even better, more affordable and easily accessible to everyone.

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I love this for one because it gives me hope for a product idea I gave up on last year. I’ll be keeping up with this one! Great works!


Love the videos! Really a cool little robot! Also love how you kept to using open source software and using arduino!!!! Good Luck.


Looks like you have a ton of potential here and I am really excited that its Arduino powered


Those videos are excellent.


Reminds me of BattleBots. That was great television.


I think this would be a great educational tool.


* Taken from Seek N’ Sneak Inventalator page.